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The perfume vessel’s history is as expansive as it is intriguing. We have long been drawn to pleasant scents that rally our senses – the art of bottling it is as potent today as it ever was.


Bottle: Glass Perfume Oil Bottle with Screw Cap


  • Origin: South West Asia, India
  • Material: Gold metal
  • Volume: 3 ML/0.10 FL.OZ.
  • Size: 20 x 56 (L/H) MM
  • Type: Glass dropper
  • Use: Travel, Luxury gift
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The story behind

Perfume requires a vessel. And since ancient times, these vessels have been an art form. The container is often as valuable as its contents and a fantastic range of vessels have graced the ages.

A perfume is a work of art… the object that contains it must be a masterpiece.
– Robert Ricci, The House of Nina Ricci

The Egyptians made theirs of wood and clay, Palestinians used beautifully coloured glass bottles, Greeks painted miniature vases shaped as animals, and Romans hollowed precious stones.

Early Europeans used porcelain, gold, silver, shells, semi-precious stones and glass. Some were crafted by artists, some made as jewellery. Perfume was sold in plain bottles then decanted into decorative and costly vessels at home.

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Refillable crystal bottle