Temple Burner “The Dragon Tower”



Burning incense was never an art at risk of being forgotten, yet has seen spikes in recent Western popularity. This Dragon Tower is a true relic in modern scent-burning, an incredible golden obelisk representing much Eastern history and channelling smoke unlike any other…


Decorative scent burner Copper brass


  • Origin: South West China, India, Nepal, 20th century
  • Material: Copper brass
  • Size: 23.7 x 17.5 (L/H) CM, 1.66 KG
  • Type: Incense burner, Holder
  • Use: Incense burner, Home & Décor, Ceremonial

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The story behind the dragon tower

With this temple burner one is transported to hillsides across South West China, Tibet, India, Nepal and further, the route provided one of rich white jasmine blooms and zesty succulence. How did we become so lucky as to receive such a meaningful device so close to the roof of the world, spirituality and rituals, so close to the Buddha?

Royal Attar presents one of many insights into our unofficial stories of countless Asian voyages, beginning with – as we have come to know – the temple burner. We are sure you will agree that it is an irrefutably beautiful creation, a staggering union of monumental traditional and artistry.

We have travelled through exotic countries and carried even more exotic company – and in their smoky, velvety, woody airs you may detect a memory (or three) of his Lordship (one would certainly never guess the Buddha also smokes…).

The reasons for burning incenses are manifold. One is that Buddha himself may appear in the smoke produced by their ignition. The smoke given off, therefore, is seen by many as a soul link to the Buddha. However, we often wonder whether it was our own soul we met in that heady mist.

Despite the more mundane modern uses of incense to improve surrounding odours, more are becoming aware of and embracing the legacy of incense appreciation, learning the art as a way to cope with modern living’s many challenges. Vessels are varied yet this Dragon Tower, true relic in the modern scent-burning world, channels an incense’s smoke unlike any other…

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