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A ceremonial antique teapot from deep Tibet with elephantine design harking to the animal’s role in Buddhist lore as symbolising mental strength, resolve and a steadfast nature. A guardian of Buddha himself – simply brew, pour, sip and savour your butter tea anew from this sublime brass and copper antique.


Ceremonial antique teapot Copper brass


  • Origin: Tibet, 20th century
  • Material: Copper brass
  • Type: Ceremonial Antique Teapot from Deep Tibet
  • Use: Home & Decor, Luxury gift

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The Story behind The Tibetan Teapot

When traversing South Western Asia, one is confronted often by Nature’s jewels and recurring moments of a beauty that appears of Divine calibre.

In receiving this hallowed item, we climbed as high as the roof of the earth, deep in the Himalayas as we made our way to Tibet. Far from memory was urban smog and the arrival of our mountain train into Lhasa was met by a dazzling reverie upon all senses.

Vivid saris and chubas swirling, worn and bartered for did bombast our eyes, and it was some time before we remembered how thirsty our voyage had made us. The welcoming smell of hot butter tea! Added to it, as tradition dictates, an agreeable explosion of spice (cardamom, nutmeg and pepper – that fragrant holy trinity).

Every Tibetan traditionally drinks national beverage butter tea. However, one of our party did vaguely remember hearing the Dalai Lama himself describe his fondness for Indian style tea, having lived there for over half a century.

In Buddhism, the elephant stands as a symbol of mental strength with the main characteristics of incredible resolve and a steadfast nature. Therefore, it has become a symbol of physical and mental strength as well as responsibility and earthliness. The elephant is also the vehicle of the Tathagata Aksobhya, which is also associated with water.

We are proud to present this delightful ceremonial elephant teapot from that invigorating Tibetan journey, a unique antique crafted of fantastical copper. It is also said that the elephant appears as a guardian of all temples and of Buddha himself. However, we simply pour from the kettle, sip from the bowl, and savour its support to the fullest.

A rich, sophisticated and transient link to the Orient, for certain.

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