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Imperial Patchouli’s poignant aroma ignites the winter air with a cornucopia of floral vanilla, amber and woody spice, the raucous air of a powerful Imperator and seductive depths of his exotic silks.


Head notes Floral, Vanilla, – Heart notes Ylang Ylang, Jasmine Sambac, Patchouli – Base notes Patchouli, Amber resin, Sandalwood, Cambodia wood


  • Volume: 10 ML/0.33 FL.OZ.
  • Bottle: Glass dropper
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The story behind Imperial Patchouli

A Roman Imperator such as Julius Caesar travels in style, wrapped in fine silks and adorned in gold – and of their scent?

An Imperator leaves a seductive, lasting impression, yet this proud air is equally doused in grace. Florals and spices exquisitely combined, tamed to a scent that attracts yet does not cling.

The chronicle of Caesar is well-known, for they only killed the man but not his legacy. Our Imperial Patchouli carries the same eternal resonance.

Drawn from Southeast Asia, a treasure trove for connoisseurs of fine fragrances, for here sprouts patchouli, globally renowned throughout the centuries for its strong, attractive aroma.

Eastern spice with an exotic, deep fragrance brings verve, a duality that sparks an inviting, radiant smile. Yet what lingers of the oriental chypre are seductive depths of precious spiced wood, drumming up dazzling, rich sensations simultaneously extravagant and understated.

Inspired by that poignant legacy of the infamous Imperator, our scent conjures a copious cornucopia of floral vanilla, amber and woody spice. A thorough rendering of full-bodied sophistication, of unsolved mysteries, of the inexplicable yet reassuring veil of luxuriant glory.

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Every Royal Attar product is painstakingly crafted to embody the utmost essence of an ancient heritage. Our dedicated and highly skilled team of distillers, perfumers, craftsmen and designers work tirelessly to deliver products known for their distinctive tradition of innovation and excellence.

Attar vials
Our attar vials are of an amber glass that provides maximal UV protection for our fragrances, which are formulated through exquisite blends of rare, natural and sophisticated essences and are resultantly fragile. They are offered in 10ml dropper and roll-on dispensation varieties and undergo ruthless quality inspections to ensure you experience the full fragrant pleasures of the Royal Attar perfumery. Whereas transparent glass is more often used for simple chemical compositions, our signature amber bottle is the refined standard for dispensing Royal Attar’s remarkable natural concoctions.

Our boxes are specially designed to embody the boundless beauty of our product. A stylish selection of calming colours and traditional corrugation techniques provide our boxes with a handmade sensibility. Then to provide an extra touch of luxury, we use heavy paper stock and double-fold each label white onto gold. Our design is synonymous with presence and nobility and also minimises risk of damage when shipping.

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Autumn, Winter


Floral, Oriental, Woody