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Oud de Orient’s scent concocts a wild, Persian prominence of piquant sandalwood, amber and oud, dashed with cascading thorns and spiced cinnamon in an agar rarity that is ripe for autumnal lounging.


Head notes Cinnamon, Amber resin – Heart notes Amber resin, Sandalwood, Cambodia wood- Base notes Amber resin, Cambodia wood


  • Volume: 10 ML/0.33 FL.OZ.
  • Bottle: Glass roll-on
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The story behind Oud de Orient

From travels as far east as Thailand, India and Cambodia, and from stories as ancient as the Persian Empire, we have found our own crux of agarwood scent. A wild oriental tale resonant in the scent itself, vibrating with exoticism throughout deep sweet summer tones and balanced conclusion of warm winter spice.

Agarwood has a rich history, mentioned throughout the Sanskrit Vedas, one of the world’s oldest written texts, and in this scent is inspired by the renowned Hebrew figure of The Queen of Sheba, who journeyed to Israel to visit King Solomon with agarwood and other spices.

Just as in the vivid tale, our agarwood is used to encourage in the wearer a great wisdom, an inspiration further invoked by the accent of other spices, of loving dashes of thorns and spiced cinnamon. The end bears all the promises of distant lands with the certainty of amber resin, piquancy of sandalwood and reassuringly distinguished mélange of amber and oud.

A complex and pleasing scent with woody notes, sweet balsamic hints and shades of cinnamon and amber, the emotional depths achieved by the rare agarwood bark are of such a richness that one is bound to wonder: Was this very fragrance worn by King Solomon himself?

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Every Royal Attar product is painstakingly crafted to embody the utmost essence of an ancient heritage. Our dedicated and highly skilled team of distillers, perfumers, craftsmen and designers work tirelessly to deliver products known for their distinctive tradition of innovation and excellence.

Attar vials
Our attar vials are of an amber glass that provides maximal UV protection for our fragrances, which are formulated through exquisite blends of rare, natural and sophisticated essences and are resultantly fragile. They are offered in 10ml dropper and roll-on dispensation varieties and undergo ruthless quality inspections to ensure you experience the full fragrant pleasures of the Royal Attar perfumery. Whereas transparent glass is more often used for simple chemical compositions, our signature amber bottle is the refined standard for dispensing Royal Attar’s remarkable natural concoctions.

Our boxes are specially designed to embody the boundless beauty of our product. A stylish selection of calming colours and traditional corrugation techniques provide our boxes with a handmade sensibility. Then to provide an extra touch of luxury, we use heavy paper stock and double-fold each label white onto gold. Our design is synonymous with presence and nobility and also minimises risk of damage when shipping.

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Autumn, Summer, Winter




Oriental, Woody